A large batch of alleged future Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 content has surfaced online. Several online figures have claimed that the content stems from an Activision data breach from December 2022, which apparently resulted in not only the COD plans getting swiped, but sensitive employee information as well.

Notable malware compiler Vx-Underground recently posted photos related to the breach on Twitter, claiming that it was made possible due to a phishing scam providing access to Activision’s Slack channels. The photos seem to indicate several key facts about upcoming Call of Duty content, including the length of multiplayer seasons, the number of new operators and weapons, and more. In a report, Insider Gaming said that the breach contains information about Modern Warfare 2’s upcoming DLC, as well as information about the planned 2023 and 2024 entries in the series, which are codenamed Jupiter and Cerberus respectively.

Activision provided a statement in response to that report, calling the December 4, 2022 incident a “phishing attempt” and stating that “no sensitive employee data, game code, or player data was accessed.” It’s unclear if Activision employees were informed about the alleged leak. Call of Duty’s 2023 entry has been beset by confusion, with the latest reporting suggesting that it will be a standalone release led by Sledgehammer Games. Previous sources claimed that it would be “premium DLC” for Modern Warfare II instead of a full new game.

In the leaked documents, the entire schedule for the year ahead was seemingly revealed, showing a season structure that looks something like this:

  • Season 3: March 15th – May 15th
  • Season 4: May 15th – July 16th
  • Season 5: July 17th – September 14th
  • Season 6: September 15th – November 8th

There were also mid-season updates (Reloaded updates) planned for every season, as per the operating model that we’ve all come to know. However, just the schedule itself was enough to reveal a stack of Call of Duty content coming in 2023

  • Seven ‘Core Maps’, some of which will likely contain rehashes of older maps that we’re expecting.
  • ‘Haunting of Saba’ event for Halloween.
  • One ‘Licensed’ operator every season, which means a collaboration or crossover.
  • More Gunfights, Spec Ops missions, Raids, and Tier 1 Events starting from Season Three.
  • One ‘Small Map’ arriving with Season 4, which should be a similar experience to Shipment.
  • At least another 240 bundles (70 per season).

The Twitter account drew notice to an alleged hack at Activision dating back to December 2022. In the supposed hack, which stemmed through Activision’s Slack channels, data relating to Call of Duty’s future seasonal content was accessed and leaked online. Activision has six seasons of content planned for both Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2, which will last through to November 2023. In seasons three, four, and six at least, there’ll be two new Operators, including one crossover character, and three new weapons in each.

Additionally, the hack has revealed an internal project called “Jupiter” will be going into alpha over May and June. There’s no details right now on what this new project could potentially be, though responses to the info on Twitter have many users hoping Jupiter is a brand new Call of Duty.

There’s been a lot of doubt over the past months as to whether a new Call of Duty will even release in 2023. Earlier this month, Activision reasserted Call of Duty 2023 would be a “full premium release” indicating that it will probably be a full new game coming in at the full price. More on that here!

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